Love and Happiness

Yo folks!

This is my latest piece, that emerged yesterday night! He’s had a tough time, so cut him some slack. This project was a great way to familiarize myself with 2.8 Beta. I really enjoy the Lookdev viewport and the Eevee render engine. The whole feeling of 2.8 is very nice and it looks great!
Everything done in Blender 2.8, plus overpaint in Krita!

And some viewport shots!

Dynamic topology sculpt with vertex paint and particle systems! Vertex paint works way better now in 2.8 Beta. :smiley:

Time to move on to new projects!


Actually I found myself rendering out a less noisy version and working on the paint over and adding more and more detail! This was a really enjoyable process and the result was way better than the one I posted earlier, so I figured I’d share it.

All the painting was done in Krita.


Great work ! Nice head and he looks like a little Master Roshi without the beard :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :smile:

You’re #featured! I love the execution & his expression :+1:

You’ve done very well with the high-key overhead lighting and the very subtle lighting of the eyes and facial features. The tatoos are a nice touch.

(Now, how do I scan that QR code?) … :smiley:

Wow, thanks a ton, Bart! :smile:

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Thanks for the kind words! I challenge you to scan the QR-code. I’ve tried but not managed. I created it, and would be fun to see someone scan it! Maybe with some Photoshop…

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nice work !!!

That face has seen some grim times! Very cool!!

@alf0 Thank you!
@Scoot Some dark past :wink: , thanks!

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Amazing work!

Thanks man!

Wow I love it !!

Great work!! How do you get vertex paint to work, man?? I just tried it on 2.8 beta, but it still is unworkable for me. Don’t know if I am doing something wrong. The object has around 1.5 million tris, but even on a lower poly object I get a lot of lag on beta. But my computer is quite good to handle sculpting in Blender, and also polypaint in Zbrush or texture paint on 3DCoat, so I don’t think it is the specs… Is there some options tweaking in order to make it work?

Nice work! Looks like an old mad scientist with a disgusted expression.

@Raffael, @orvb Thanks guys!

@Daniel_Aubert Thanks man! I did experience some lag when vertex painting, though the problem I had before with it was that whenever I painted a big surface I got all these dots of unpainted surface that showed up as soon as I rotated my view! This seem to be fixed in 2.8 Beta. As far as I can recall I didn’t mess with any options really. My sculpt seems to have slightly less than 300K tris. Would love to learn more about vertex paint in general! As it could be very useful for quick sculpts.

This is what my vertex paint looked like:

Also painting when having particle systems enabled made it impossible to undo any strokes. It just changed to particle edit. I just disabled them and it worked again. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Good one bro, you’ve got it.

I reckon he’s done more than his fair share of ‘bird’. Being a fixer on the inside getting whatever you need for a price. Much like Red from Shawshank

I wish I could do at least 1/1000 of this mastery. How do I learn blender :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
Guess I’ll do low-polly then :pensive: