Love at First Move - Bob's Surgery

Love at First Move - Bob’s Surgery
“After a drastic surgery, Bob built the confidence to come back in the dating scene, one foot after the same one!”

Hi everybody!
Today marks my first year anniversary on (and it’s been a bit over 2 years since I started my 3D journey!!).

I wanted to share with you my latest work, done for the Rokoko challenge, “Love at First Move”.
The aim was to do a 8sec video for a dating app for a fictional character.
The organizer Rokoko is proposing motion-capture tools, so I used some of their softwares to bring my movements to the character :smiley:

Still Frame

I decided to go for a funny and handmade vibe so I wrote a small humourous script, and went for a stopmotion look :slight_smile:

8 seconds were a bit too short compared to my ambitions, and even if I scrapped a lot of scenes/animation, it’s still a tad fast paced…
But I hope you enjoy it!

A focus on the character

Some very rough preparatory drawings that I did. I tried to focus on simple shapes, and to keep in mind that he should have interesting features even cut in half…
Overall, Bob is developped from n°10, but I was close to n°5 and n°6 as well!

Everything was made by myself for the challenge, besides:


Super cool ! Well done !

Hey, thanks a lot!! :smile:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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You have an insane, insane rate of progress!
I’m honestly very impressed.

And - just as a sidenote - I love the animation! :smiley:

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Thanks a lot for your kind words!
I’m trying to practice consistently, but slightly hard with a full-time job… Yet, there is so much more I wanna get my hands into!! :smile:

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Small update guys!
My render won the Rokoko challenge in the category “Best Render”!! :blush:
A link to the ending of the jury and to the nominated render for those interested

Congrats on winning “Best Render” Ronan!

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