Love is Fake (Action Thriller) : realtime demo test

Love is Fake (working title) : Action Thriller Game

This file is for testing making game in 2.41 , I cant use parent object to armature ,then i join hair and gun to her body :eek:

I will change her hair style soon … :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

look really good. do you use shaders?

Hi!Looking good so far,hokuken_k!:slight_smile: The models look awsome,you have good modeling skills,but i would advice you to lower the polygon count,because the exe is already running a little slow.

That baby crying in the background reminds me a little of Silent Hill 3 the ending.There was a baby crying too,but it was taken out in the final version of the game.

Good work!

the exe ran silky smooth for me.

how long it took you to make is game i try to make a game but it take to long for me i have a side game i makeing but i don’t like it i love you’re game good sound good animations

wow, this looks really good so far. the exe runs well also. too bad we can’t preview more of the game