Love modern technology

This originally started as just “kill the evening” project, but I might actually have a use for it, so would appreciate any feedback.

Does anything stand out as weird or disturbing?
Is the mic weird? Basically I do not want it to look like the cheap polyuretan cover, but rather something fancy and futuristic, but am not sure I went the right way with this one.

And the wires, is the heart shape clear enough or did you need a second look, is it even aesthethically pleasing? :slight_smile:

Don’t be afraid to rip me apart, if it is deserved. I can take it.
And thank you in advance for any ideas.

Blender 2.79
2.500 samples
13 minutes


I like it , noticed the heart.
As for the mic , it looks like I am looking at the back part of a somewhat flat plastic piece rather foam material…if you are in fact going for foam material.

wow this is really cool this would be a great image to sell as stock photography only thing I would suggest is to make the background a little brighter

Really nice image, the headphone model is really well made. But here are my critiques/opinions:
I think the lighting could use some work, the reflections in general look kinda off, the reflection of the area light to the left below the right ear is distracting and the spot/area light on the right hand side of the base doesn’t seem to complement either and seems flat. Have you tried a HDRI?

Other than that it’s looking great, maybe try a camera angle from below/level with the subject, could be nice. Maybe a different cable colour…

But these are just opinions/thoughts. Please ignore me if I’m talking out of my …

Many thanks for all the answers, it is very appreciated :slight_smile:

Absolutely right about the lighting :confused: The scene is mostly lit but HDRi, but I must have messed something up, the base reflection really is weird, and I totally missed it, thank you!

The colors I actually kind of like, but am definately gonna have some more fun with the angles and microphone, maye even try more backgrounds.

Thank you all again, and best of luck in your projects. This has been a great help

If cables weren’t connected, but looked as being let go, flying off, set free… with animation, it would really feel contemporary & fit in with the title, the concept of Now :wink:

btw, i believe that a of bit stylized design is good, since it alleviates the product from being branded/ owned