love is like handling a gun… having them point it… at your heart and trusting them to never pull the trigger…

Shang, I see you’re quite the romantic.

Nah, I think Shang’s just found a lover…

Right in the middle of an armed robbery?

that took me a while to get.

Perhaps he’s been watching Pulp Fiction too much?

Romantic… :slight_smile:

LOL, That was a good one…

  1. welcome to blenderartists.

  2. this is not the place you should be surfing for newbie tutorials


So I walked up to this girl today, pointed my gun at her heart and said: “So, I really like you, and to prove it I’m not going to fire this gun.”

She did fire hers. Does that mean I got dumped?

“Man, the girls around here are like parking spaces”
“How’s that?”
“They’re either taken or handicapped”

Haha xD

I’m throwing that in convos randomly from now on, superx.