@|MM| and @Damien!: imho not good. The original image by doris has a feeling of comfort, easiness, which is completely missing in the modified one.

Yep, Really seems like a book cover from something written by Issac Assimov or better yet, Clifford Simak. A Phenomenal contrast of two looks/styles. And I agree with above post, the original created more distinct contrast. The baby’s nursery provided a better backdrop for the scene.

damien, i do understand your judgement, but as i said this technical is not what i intended. thank you johal, i could not better phrase it :slight_smile: hi fred, yes the modified gies a better contrast, but not always these technical guidlines are what is wished for. i am glad you see my intention. thanks for dropping in and letting me know :slight_smile:

I as well really like the idea behind it, and I wouldn’t change any aspect of the “android”? either. I think the soft pastel of it conveys the feeling perfectly. However, the muted colour of the infant kind of bothers me. It seems lifeless almost. If that is your intention then you nailed it for me. Beautifully done.

The theme is tremendous. Also, do you have any particular tutorial to point to for creating and using a displacement map?

Thanks, got it.

I think the ‘flatness’ issue is just a lighting problem. Look:

It’s a good image, definitely worth leaving your machine running overnight to get a hi-res, noise free version.

thank you for clearify me about “flat”… yes, actually the render looked similar like what you created, and i had deliberately softed it. it always depends what you wish to express… yes, maybe i should render it over night…