Just a modeling exercise…rendered in cycles

Awesome render! I love some of the smaller details like the blades of grass and the chains in the background.

great render and it made me laugh :slight_smile:

Fantástico! This is a piece of art, beautiful and unique.

LOL…very nice, maybe the snail is bit too shiny instead of slimy

Really great concept :slight_smile:

I agree i think you could do with greater specularity on the snail.


ahahah, very nice :smiley:

Great idea & great result!

Hahaha that`s awesome!
Is this your original idea? The modeling looks great though the rendering could use a bit more work. :slight_smile:
Awesome stuff overall.

Thank you very much guys! This is a personal idea developed as a quick rendering, just couple of afternoons…I initially modeled the snail, and then tried to put it into a concept different from the classical mushroom surrounded by grass…everything is directly modeled, no retopology…I agree with the critics concerning the snail shader, but it is already a quite complex shader and I stopped improving it as I was not looking for complete photrealism…if you are interested, or have any suggestions, I can share che file with no problems…

Hah, made me smile, thank you :slight_smile:

Me too.
Being an architect helped me identify with the scale, more than the snail…

Nice work.
Quite an original idea. Did you get this from another person’s image/idea or did you think of this picture yourself?

Haha I really like this one, the idea is great! The little details like the waterdrops or the chain in the background makes it even better!

Thank you guys! Yes it is a personal concept which has come to My mind while I was already working on the snail…I will probably try to improve the snail shader…