well it was inspired by love :slight_smile:
used disney shader.
at first didnt want to post here, since its so simple.
But then love is simple too, and its rather symbolic
Simple mesh rings, but its about to be connected.

Animate… :evilgrin:


So simple and so meaningful indeed, once somebody point it out; otherwise in this forum context sadly it can be seen as simple geometrical forms.

If I may I’d suggest to insert the ‘title’ into the image, or something, so to make it more ‘allegoric’.


your right paolo
I made a version with names in it (boolean), but prefer not to post it here
Even that is still simple in terms of mesh editing; though this is just symbolic and i like the idea.
Even my GF has not yet seen it with names :wink:

May you do the best out with it!

Have you thought about how in this ‘link’, that is love, each one reflects itself in the other, and he gets reflected ‘tinted’ by the other’s character, some as gold, some as silver, …