Here’s my new project, “Lovegate”. When I started the project I just had the gate in mind… What do you suspect’s on the otherside? Is it happy or sad love? Do the love chain you up or let you free? Help me with the picture and your name will be in the credits :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say that the bricks looks kind of odd. It’s lika a circle in everyone, try an other bumpmap


In general it looks good, however the text Lovegate should have a dark color border or something to make it stand out. As of now, it is the only thing that looks 2D.

foCus: the bricks are modelled that way, no texture problems there! I wan’t them that way :smiley:

GML: You are right! I will fix that right away! Thanks

Oh, it kind of looked like a SubSurf mistake on a texture. This happenns on cubes that don’t have a bevel.

Oh, it kind of looked like a SubSurf mistake on a texture. This happenns on cubes that don’t have a bevel.[/quote]
Yea, I know, and of you want that effect in the bricks, it’s a good way to do it? Right?

Does it look bad, or is it just somehting that you fellas’ are reacting at?

Unless a person has to dance the limbo to get under the gate, the bricks are way too large. It looks out of proportion because in real life that many bricks would only reach up to your waist. And the way you extruded a face on the bricks to make the ovals popping out really goes against any realism. Makes them look like legos or something. Also, the whole thing just looks like a prop on some 80’s dating show. You can still make the object a Lovegate without blatantly advertising it (especially when the title of your piece is already lovegate). Just some thoughts.

Artistotle: The bricks are off, I see that, but I want the text to remain cause I have a idéa on the sign that needs the text. So I will remake the bricks and add a little ditail (Suprise :P).

I’ll be back soon!


so, what happens to ya when you walk through that gate?

I dig the smaller bricks(though I liked some of the fungus looking stuff you had on the first set of bricks)

I don’t know if anything happens to you when you go through the gate. It’s just the gate to a world of peace… (Was a world of peace) But everyone knows that peace is something that doesn’t exist! So afterall, this is just a gate that one time was…

i almost startd crying :wink:

nice work so far, add ur statue work to this scene

very nice… can i ask how you got the glow effect?