Lovin The Latte(Finished)


(Spacerobot5) #1

I Have been working on this Latte for a few hours and was getting pretty close to done. I just feel as if something is off and I can’t put my finger on it. Please give me any advise that you have, I’m ready to learn some tips and tricks.
Thanks :wink:

(alf0) #2

will it looks nice to me !!!

(CG Thoughts) #3

I have some ideas for you :

  • Work your light. It’s little too flat. Increase the strength difference between your sources.
  • Add surface imperfections on the main subject.
  • Add some objects around the subject like smartphone, slice of bread…not to many, just 2 more.

I hope that help you.

(SterlingRoth) #4

the transition from latte to mug is very sharp, and I think the color contrast in the lights is contributing to that a bit too much.

The bluish mug picks up the bluish light well, but seems to clash a little with the amber light coming from the left. Also, the spoon is catching soo much highlight from the amber light that it almost looks gold. I say reduce the saturation in your lights, while they balance well, the color contrast is pretty intense.

(Spacerobot5) #5

Thank you for the advice! i’ll try adding some imperfections, but do you know where i might find a good fingerprint texture?

(Spacerobot5) #6

thank you, I’ll definitely look into those color contrast. I was trying to apply a sky blue from the right, and a warm light of a coffee shop from the left, if you have any more advice on how to achieve that look it would be much appreciated.

(Spacerobot5) #7

I updated the lighting in the secen. I moved the light on the left further away, increased the brightness from 2000 to 3000, and increased its size from 4 to 10 to soften the light. I also added some imperfections to the mug, but I’m not to happy with texture I found. I tried to add in another piece to the scene, but it felt to crowded.
If anyone has any idea, comments or tips please comment.

(Spacerobot5) #8

I did a Final Render on this and its in the Finished projects for those of you that want to check it out.

(catherine) #9

Hi check out poliiigon for surface imperfection textures they’ve got quite a few finger print ones if you scroll towards the bottom of the page even a free one! Link below :slight_smile:


(Spacerobot5) #10

Thanks! ill check it out, but i already decided to close that project.
Thanks! :smiley: