Loving the 2d - but can't change from object mode

Downloaded 2.8 today and tried the 2d drawing (2d Full Canvas) and love it!
2.8 looks really nice. But I am now stuck in Object mode, if it’s not a bug it is something I don’t get. I am in 2d Full Canvas and used to be able to go to edit, sculpt etc but now only showing object mode?


Yes. From your screencapture, it looks like active object is Camera.
It is normal to be stuck to object mode when Camera is selected because it is not an editable or sculptable object.
Go to 2D animation workspace and select the Grease Pencil object (Stroke) in outliner.

Yep, that was it. Was deselecting all but still could not change, selecting the stroke solved it.

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I have the same problem, except one thing-
Where do I select the “object” menu thing that you’re talking about?