low bench mark on new system

Hey I got a bench mark of like 800 fps on my new system:
P4 3.2 Prescott (1 mb L3 chache)
Soyo dragon 2 v1.0 (800 mhx fsb hyper t etc …)
1 gig kingston DDR400 Dual channel
Ati 9800 AIW
800 fps is what I used to get with my 1.6Ghz athlon xp. Any idea?
I used sisoft bonnie to bench mark, my ram is running a little slow and so is my hard drive, but would that lower the fps that much? I already updated the bios, and all the drivers. Any thoughts?

ps its under win xp

What does that benchmark? GUI refresh? If so, this is entirely depending on your 3D card.


Its the same card I had in my old system, which I guess is your point. Now that I’ve done more stuff it does move faster than my old system, particuarely in yafray, but still windows is not cool. So I suppose this topic is resolved and can be deleted.