Low budget film looking for help

I wish to post a thread asking for help in creating models and scenes for work on a short film “Tiny Shoes”. This short film is for missionaries and average people to have free and to pass out throughout the world. Our budget is very small and need advice how to get the work done with very little money and later there should be more monies to give to help pay for more short films.

Another couple of short films “Holy Joe” and “The Gunslinger” will also be in the works should we find help in getting them done.

You can go to youtube.com and type in: Sissy Credits 07 and watch the credits of our first low budget film. This film, even though it’s only 7 minutes long, is our first and the missionaries and churches are wanting more. We need those who wish for their talents to seen of their works to help us as well as them. We are not selling these films individually but only for folks to give away and inspire them to have a fuller life in Christ.


Steve West

As for posting in the right area, you should be fine. Another option could have been Support > Models, but this will do.

I myself have too many things going on at the end of this year to help you out, but there might be a person or two here willing to help as to show off their skills. You just have to agree on something.

I might suggest a different name for the thread other than “Need help on forum” - you apparently don’t need help with the forum.

To edit your title just click the “edit” button on your post and it will bring you back to your original post. Up at the top you’ll see your “Need help on forum”. I might suggest something like “Low budget film looking for help” or something along the lines of that.

Good luck.

Welcome on Board & all the best for your project! Getting your ideas off the ground can be daunting, but it’s achievable, and I hope the community here rallies around yourself for your wonderful concept.

I thank you for your advice and I have done the editing as your suggested. I thank you for giving a pleasant reply and a compassionate message of help.


Steve West
LittleShots Productions