Low Budget Movie in blender

I just had this idea today when I was in school.

How about instead of putting money like $500/600 into a competition just like it was done for the Game competition last year, use that money to create a comunity project. This is how it will work:

The story line and concept art etc will be done by the people who are organising it and then when it comes to animating different shots, it will be like a competition and who ever creates the best one will get money for it. lets say there are 20 shots in total, so that would be $30 which is not that bad for doing a small thing like a shot. also you will be able to win more than once if you enter the competition for other shots too.

Also the comunity might put in more money than just that, I know I will be putting money next year since I am getting a job.

So give me feedback on this idea and what you think about it.

Just realised that the 3rd item on my shopping list was a hot water bottle. I’ll have to wait until the weekend when I go to town for some reason at the departmental stores where they are cheaper. Good thing that this week I get paid. Not much by city standards mind you, but at least I save some. And I can’t complain, at least I have a job.
So my point was, I can’t give you $600 for a competition, that’s like two months of savings for me, and as retirement looms nearer, I needs to take stock for myself. All the best mate anyways.

no, what I mean is that the team who are organising will be putting money towards this for people to win in the competition.

Ha! kbot, that gave me a bit of a chuckle.

why on earth would I want to spend my time animating the same shot that five or six people are (competitively) animating as well? Shouldn’t we all work together, instead of in conflict? Take Durian for example. We all animated the market scene, working together each doing our thing but ultimately each animation will be used in that scene.

In schools or concept museums, they often organize contest with a given subject. It’s always interresting how a same title can be treated in amazingly different ways.

The thing with competitions is that the opportunity for creativity is a major driving factor (well, certainly when it’s an “art” competition.)

“open” briefs and “loose” topics are interesting… very specific briefs where “creative interpretation” would be bad are really just what we call “work”.

the difference is when the results are in is it fun to see the wide variety of interpretations or are the results pretty similar with just a “quality” judgement to be made?

This sounds like just another exploitation of people, “free labour” in the guise of “competition”

well I just thought that no body has ever worked on an open community movie due to reason that people wouldn’t want to work on it and don’t get anything from it (apart from experience) so making it a competition would make more people help and a competition for each shot wouldn’t be much and every one gets a chance to win more than once.

Present people with appealing, interesting story and characters and allow them some creative freedom within a set of rules and I’m sure you may be lucky and get some sort of response. Broad ideas accomplish nothing but discussion.

To be honest, your proposal is nothing unique, there have been dozens of threads proposing a community project over the years (if you include the ones in the BGE forums) and almost none of them even got passed the planning stages.

You’d have to put a pretty compelling reason why this is different, why this will succeed, possibly including some content and renders already done in Blender, we’ve become very skeptical when these threads come up.

this is not a plan, but this is an idea for disscussion. I may not of said that though that is why you are thinking I am planing on doing it but no am not.

I just wanted to know if the project would get done if it was organised like this that is all.

i dont know why we dont see any collaborations between machinima sites like im part of and here, they produce some truly awesome scripts, which is mainly being used on the movies, iclone and moviestorm, sims3

now i consider blender to be a machinima tool, and love using it.

the modding site im part of have ripped all the meshes from the movies game and i am starting to use them for a movie come tutorial, ive started working on

if your interested in what i offer, click the link in my sig take a look at the movies we produce, and if you want help me make blender a recognised machinima tool full stop,

if you are really interested, i am a internet radio show host that trys to teach people the ins and outs of blender, it would be great to have some of you brilliant modellers, animators on for a chat. im sure my co host who is also a member here would love it.

Or then, people could join in on allready established production. :smiley: wink wink

No seriously though, Machinima Imho is bit of cheap ass stuff. I mean its sure interesting concept and a easy way to make your own stuff, (i’ve even done it few times about 5-6 years ago), but over all, it is not respected too much, and justly in my oppinion. Now this is matter of oppinion, so i wont start argue about it.

How ever about the original topic of this thread, the idea is interesting, as i am now running Materia - TAW, people have asked why dont you get funding and so forth, well first of all i am bit skeptic about getting funding, even if Materia, the original would have been better. Second i dont really know what to do with the money. Then thought occured to me, I would use it as bountys, which is the same thing you are suggesting here. The trouble is, noone is going to fund the project too easily. Also money tends to raise stakes, thus it gets quickly very official requirements and tight eye on it, which doesnt really work too well on purely community projects.


ps. Remember to check the Materia - TAW thread

sorry i may have seemed to be off topic, because of my ramblings

it was mentioned earlier about getting a good script for retro’s idea, what i wanted to say before was that i know professional script writers and voice actors/actresses, who would love to see their work done in the quality that blender can produce, and do it for free.

@bl33d no im not talking about recording game action machinima crap im talking about full on movie making software

Will it it get done if organized a certain way? Again, is the story interesting and are the characters appealing? Story and characters are what matter most, don’t forget it. Present a complete idea in a universally appealing and well thought-out way and people will be more apt to participate. Otherwise I suggest scaling down this idea and doing it yourself. The group mentality is bound to fail, in that each participant has their own goals and creative needs. It’s rare to find people to spend their time on a project unless the project is well organized and interesting. So use any model you want, but there are more basic criteria to what makes a project worth someone’s valuable time and effort. The model is nothing if the story is weak.