Low Cost Flash Animation Creation

I do a bit of work with a small non-profit and am going to try my hand at creating some flash animations for our website. The animations would mostly consist of arrows pointing out things to look at on documents.

I am not a pro and can’t justify the price of the Adobe product, so I’m looking around at some of the alternatives.

Ideally, I could export Flash from blender, but I don’t think that’s really possible. I know I can make a movie and then use a freebie called “FlashIt” to make an SWF file, but I don’t think that’s really what I want.

I have found a couple of products in the $50-$100 range which is fine, but I thought I would see if anyone here had any enthusiastic recomendations.

As always, your input is appreciated.

Well, I have heard of Pencil, it’s open-source. I’ve never tried it though since I already own Flash CS3, but the screenshots look interesting.


Also, check out Synfig, which is also open-source:


see motion artis I have purchased from e-fronteir.com Its very cheap. I have rendered my sequential images with Blender internal and with the use of motion artist I have created these


depending on how good you are at programming, I can tell you this: the entire Flash AS3 library is open source. All you need to do is pick up a copy of Essential AS3 (the Moock book) and download a copy of FlashDevelop, which is also free. That will do your animation as long as you don’t want anything too complicated.


Thanks to all, looks like I have busy weekend ahead.