Low cpu flock of birds ?

Hi i got a scene wich is kind heavy allready , and i want to add a flock of birds , is there a way to make this really low on the cpu ?

they will be far away , i did a low poly model of a bird , but when they are on the particule sistem it gets very slow , is there a way to make this really low on the cpu ?

How many polys are on the low-poly bird? Can you simplify the model further?

If that doesn’t work, You could also animate the particle system in a separate layer or scene, and just composite it in with the nodes.

Alternatively, you can have 3D window display only a fraction of what will actually be rendered:


yes its true , thanx man , my model actually has 208 , vertex , i think i should lower it .

thanx !

Or you could model fully detailed birds (if you want…no real need to) animate them for a few frames and put that animation onto a plane in you scene. That way it matters not how many poly’s or how long the animation is. It’s even easier if this is going to be a still shot. Add as many birds as you want into a scene, render it, plaster that render onto a plane in your actual shot and BAM your done.