Low Flying Plane Knocks Over a Cow!


Hahah, I feel bad for the cow though.

Kinda funny though :slight_smile:

I hope it didn’t scratch the plane :eek:

Just kidding. But it’s still just a cow.

It was going to be killed and eaten anyway.

Though a stun gun probably would have hurt less.

Mr Magoo learns to fly…:spin:

I didn’t even watch the whole video, though I could care less for cows.

Links to that site should be banned though because it has links to X-rated sites to the left and bottom of the video, I don’t know why you could’ve just linked to the video on the videohost site instead of forcing those nasty links onto my computer without information about the site or any warnings.

I could watch the whole video and see what happens, but I can’t stand that site.

Same video on what appears to be a clean site: http://video.haberturk.com/Video.aspx?v_ID=37785&k_A=haberturk

Good Lord, CD, where are your morals!?

As a militant vegetarian, I now demand that everyone agrees with me immediately and ceases the eating of all forms of living creature.

Lordcooper… my nerdiness calls out from my insides…

That didn’t make sense, so don’t try and decode that mysterious dialect.

Heres a similar video, but with a person, rather than a cow.

You can see the pilot throwing eggs at the guy right before he hits him, the right wing dropped way to much. Im guessing the pilot was male, and thus had difficulty multitasking.

I see your cow and raise it with a giraffe.


no… with giraffes its not funny at all… :frowning:

didn’t find it that funny with the cow as well, to be honest, but that might just be preference… or ethics :wink:

Might want to check those X-Rated sites, though, that I didn’t even notice until they were posted here :smiley:

edit; nevermind, I’m not going to bitch about it.

lol! from your first link I found a video of a donkey trying to rape a camel!omg, i cant stop laughing. The cow video was pretty good too. I wonder what damage it did to the plane.