Low FPS on some actions - can it be done?

I’m creating an animation that impersonates stop-motion, and what would really sell this would be to have fast movements happening every frame, while slower movements only happen every other frame, or even every third frame. Is there any way of doing this? Preferably that won’t change every action into a series of key-frames, which would make it impossible to edit. The actions are either armatures or moving of objects. I wander if animation-nodes has a way of doing this?

Constant interpolation ok?

I guess I could go through the animations adding a keyframe every two or three frames, and then change to constant interpolation, but this would be very time-consuming, and would mean I would no longer be able to edit the animations.

This may help. Uses a stepped interpolation modifier.

Thankyou! That’s EXACTLY what I was looking for!