Low Gravity Utility Vehicle

This is a personal project I have been working on for a while. The goal was to see how Blender behaves on a bit more complicated project than I use it normally and create detailed ship model and simple short animation.
I just finished modeling and texturing of the ship (I might still do some tweaks) and now I will start to work on simple environment, low detail pilot (he won’t be very visible behind reflective windows) and animation.

I already did simple engine FX and compositing test that I’m quite happy with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI0BYlttrys

Full work-in-progress thread can be found here!


Wow… Really great project you have going. The modeling and texturing look spot on.

I was really impressed with your engine FX. I’d welcome seeing how you set it up in blender.

This reminds me of the Swedish painting artistSimon Stalenhag here you can find some work of him http://sploid.gizmodo.com/cool-paintings-show-the-everyday-life-in-a-post-futuris-1629476679

Looks brilliant. With some more work you could put this into films like Avatar. Or maybe the new Deus Ex game. Hope you keep updating with your progress.

Thanks, guys. I will definitely make a making-of video of some sort when this is finished - showing my renderpasses and compositing done on engine! Nothing fancy there - just beauty pass, particle pass and flame pass + some post (heat distortion, zblur, glow)

good looking vehicle! looking forward to seeing more of it!


That’s a sweet and strong start of this thread. Looking forward to seeing this unfold.

This is amazing work! I like the design of the ship overall, and the materials are very cool! Everything feels quite balanced and reasonable, well thought out. Your thruster animation is looking terrific, as well!

Very nice modeling and texturing, awesome stuff!


Solid design, a lot of coherent details… So believable.
Texturing and shaders are also awesome.


The reactor simulation is jaw dropping :eek:
incredible… Could you post a making of?

5* for me for both technicity and artistic balance.

One of the most incredible models I have ever seen! Wonderful work!

nice details