Low image quality in BGE

Hello, I’m using blender 2.57. My images in game engine show low quality, somehow images gets blury. The difference of image quality in Texture Paint Mode and in Game is HUGE. Is there any way tell to Blender’s GE not to compress images? I’m using textures in .png and jpg format. Sizes are about 2000x2000.

first: for textures better you always use ^2 size textures, so: 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 etc
or non square for example 512x1024
I think with it the performace will better too.
Maybe you can get higher image quality.

And check the limit size in prefs/system (default:off)

At last: check you videocard settings.

Enable the Anisotropic Filter in your driver setings.
The blury in distance is the default mipmap. :smiley: