Low Level Access to Stereoscopic Camera

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to port an immersive reality system I wrote for an old rendering engine (coin3d) into Blender, using its Game Engine to build the entire virtual world.

The most important part of this system is an innovative 3D visualization technique we developed, and to make it work I need to modify the default behaviour of a stereoscopic camera. In Coin3D I changed the way the stereoscopic camera create the frustum of each camera, so to make it work as I need.

My question is: is it possible to have low level access to a Stereoscopic Camera, in order to modify the behaviour of each Left/Righ camera, and having the quadbuffer working?

Another solution might be having two different perspective camera in the virtual world, and putting their output buffer into the quadbuffer in order to make it work with 3DTV.

Any of you know how to make this thing work? Maybe using OpenGL wrapper or something else.

Thank you !