Low memory warnings

For a little while now I have been getting windows popup messages of low memory for beta builds when changing settings with eevee enabled in the viewport. Has anyone else seen this? Is it Blender or some recent Windows update causing this? If I had 32 bit windows or 4 gb ram I could sort of understand it but…
The scene I have been opening all along to inspect 2.8 development progress never used to give me any issues at all. When I look at win7 resource use I am no where near maxing out installed memory of 8gb. I get the impression that something is not right with the viewport releasing memory now - perhaps it is briefly doubled while it is redrawn/recalculated or something. If I ignore the prompt to close Blender or other things to lessen memory use nothing happens - seems transient. I notice too changing any property setting takes a long while to update - like 4 or 5 seconds. The scene has about 1m tris. Thanks for any insight :wink:

I still have this issue. It is now actually worse just lately because now I am running out of video ram (4gb) and crashing right out of windows - black screen.
To my way of thinking there is definitely something wrong with the way stuff is being written to memory. I suspect there ought to be some flush of existing data before writing new rather than writing new and then flushing old data?? That’s all I can think of, that there is some unnecessary temporary peaking of memory use, say a doubling, going on. I would attribute this matter as something to do with switching between cycles and eevee.
Sorry I don’t know who to report this to so I leave it here…

Edit : note that this file isn’t changing - just being opened in newer 2.8 builds for checking out progress