Low-orbit postal van

Just trying out a new style, inspired by a game by a chap name of gluntronics.
Pretty happy with the result.
Rendered in cycles at 2000 samples, render time unknown.
Post-processing done in blender- basically just added glow effects.

Turnaround at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d00-ghbJqhY

Feel free to ignore the following, but I’ve made a story around this thing.The low-orbit postal service (LOP) was founded in 3589 by a coalition of remote planets to provide an alternative to the then expensive fees of other package delivery services. Changes in transport prices tested the relevance of the service and it privatised in the late 3630’s. It has been an economic disaster ever since.
The limitations of LOP vehicles to short, low-orbit runs on the edge of space meant that they became obsolete very quickly. As soon as large transport companies began to invest in growing remote colonies, LOP was unable to remain competitive, and so much of the original fleet was customised or scrapped.
In modern times, the few remaining fleet post-vans have found a new purpose. Once very legitimate utility vehicles, the outdated postal vans have since become a convenient means of transport for people who do not want to be found.
The LOP has since capitalised on this new market niche. It proudly boasts the termination of transport files on delivery, and holds a simple package policy:
[INDENT=2]If it’s not liable to explode- we’ll move it.
If it’s caught by the cops- we’ll hand you over.
Delivered on time- no questions asked.

There is however no guarantee that the package will remain undamaged, unopened, unaltered- or in one piece.

I like it! Did you do the pixel graphics yourself??

Everything was modelled in blender and I drew the texture in gimp, but the background was generated from texture nodes: