Low performance in blender 2.9


I own an HP Z620 with this config - running on windows 10 pro:

2x Intel Xeon Octa Core E5-2670 3.30 GHz 20MB Cache
256 GB SSD
nVidia Quadro K4200

It always felt kind of slow but now, I really need it to model and sculpt high poly meshes in Blender 2.9. And - it- sucks - at it. It gets lagy soon after the poly count is decent to have the detail I need (in sculpt mode).

The question on my mind is, how could I optimize the system to perform at its best? Where should I start? I am setting up a jewelry casting workflow and I need this bad.


I always wondering what that do mean ? Comparing to what? And why don’t you share some numbers about the polygon count ??
And besides IDK how good blender does work on a double prozessor system but one E5-2670 is 17% faster (userbench) than my i3-3220 … so both aren’t the fastes machines…

if your sculpting with dynamic topology it will be slow.