Low-poly and efficient water simulation?

I had previously made a water simulation which it had 1.000.000 (one million) faces
and my computer (as the most computers would do) gets low FPS.
(it was about from 1.0 down to 0.1 FPS when the particles was getting enough) even if i had bake the simulation in the cache before run the animation.

So, i need ideas or tutorials or tips and tricks on low-poly efficient water simulations.
I saw some models of some games that for water simulation have got one low polygon (about 1-800 faces) and the simulation was realistic in the same time the game got about 50-60 FPS. (it also have to do something with the game engine but the faces of the water simulations was about 1-800 faces, i need to learn to do the same too!)

So, is there any tutorials on that?
I would appreciate if any tip and trick or tutorial that show (or tell) me how to do efficient realistic low-poly water simulations.


As i understood from what i saw to some water simulations in real time games they put a low poly model which it look like water drop or running water which it have got a texture on it and this texture changes so it looks like running water.
(they rare put noise to fake the simulation so the what we see it’s not new faces in every frame but a model with dynamic texture and noise on the model to fake the simulation). (So, the most times this is not a simulation at all…I think this is nice trick for low-poly realistic water “animation”, have learned a nice trick today but i need more tricks like that)

I admit that it’s easy to make a high poly water simulation because we just only put some numbers, create a water material and after that we press the “bake button” creating a water simulation with hundreds of thousands faces. (which faces changes in every frame)

The all deal is if you can make a low-poly water animation that everyone would believe it’s real. (benefits: higher FPS in real time renderers, fewer complexity, lower ping in online real time games, lower ram, faster load, more computers would be able to run the game or whenever is it and much more)

So, any idea guys?
What’s your idea?
I need to hear it.


I think you should immediately program it!

well, i know pascall, C, javascript, HTML, and pseudocode!

why not anyway?