Low poly and triangles.

I’m attempting to model extremely low poly models right now (like, Quake low poly). I’m trying to use triangles, because using quads makes me run in to problems like this:


Obviously, I already tried to convert that face in to triangles using the F key, but the result was the exact same. 2 of the lines weren’t actually affecting the model. The front one, and the back one were working fine, though. So, how do I convert quads in to triangles properly? Should I just begin modeling with triangles right away? If so, how would I start when modeling with triangles (making individual vertices, and then connecting them works, but takes very long)?

Thanks in advance.

Press space, then go to to edit, faces, convert to triangles.

Or just press Control - T

Oh sorry, I gave the wrong answer. You have to individually select the 3 vertices that you want to make a face out of, then press the F key. Or just select everything and press Shift - F.

I think it’s Alt+F (fill)

And it can’t work on the whole mesh, just the open side.

Actually, your previous answer was better. :slight_smile:

But, while I can now convert faces in to triangles, it converts them in weird ways that still don’t allow me to do what I want to do. Here’s another image.


As you can see, the left (and right) face is acting as if it’s made up of two triangles that are facing the wrong way. If I convert to triangles, it turns out like this.


But, I want it to convert like this.


Unfortunately, doing this ^^ manually by creating new edges using the F key, doesn’t actually tell how the whole quad should bend. It acts as if the newly created edges aren’t part of the face (Result is shown in my first post).

Sorry for the bad explanation, but hopefully someone will understand. :stuck_out_tongue:

select an edge, CTRL-E>>Rotate Edge CW OR Rotate Edge CCW.

also, if you want to control the ridge or valley of a quad, you can make it with tris, select them, and press F, and it should make them into a quad with the correct ridge/valley.

Perfect, thanks!