Low poly art: Morning Cabin.

Hello everyone. This is a small project I did over the last two and a half days to enter into this contest:DS Challenge. I found the contest guidelines interesting, so I decided to do something for it (plus I do not have the book:)).

As per the rules the entire scene has less than 500 faces, 499 to be exact. Mostly done in blender, compositing and all. Gimp was used for texture creation and to overlay my signature and completion date.

Though this project is probably finished I still like to hear peoples thoughts so comment away. Hope it is liked and enjoyable to look at.

Very nice! Thats some really nice non-particle grass!
Great texturing and lighting… and modeling… pretty much everything is great :slight_smile:

It’s under 500 polys and It looks better than my 100,000 poly work :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, done. Props from me.

This looks awsome for have under 500 polys. Just wow is all i can really think of.

I agree with everyone here, it’s got lots of character, and i really like what you’ve done with your polycount.

did you make a higher poly version and bake normals? I just would like to know how you got your textures looking so nice.

Cool. Can we see wires per chance?

Hi everyone. First off, my apologies for my apparent abandonment of this thread. I posted it right before I went on a several day trip. But here I am getting back to everyone for those who might care.

Thank you for your compliments. And yeah, the grass took a fair bit of work so I am glad that it looks decent to some.

Thats pretty funny! Glad you like it.

Thanks! Glad you like it also.

Thanks, I was going for character so I am glad you can see it. And doing a picture with such a low poly count is a first for me so having it turn out nice is good. About the modeling. Nope, I did not do any high poly versions. I just sketched out a concept of the scene and started modeling. I modeled everything in the scene to final stage, UV unwrapped everything, and then just took the UVs into Gimp and started texture painting. I started with photo bases and then did a significant amount of hand painting on top of that. I also worked to get all textures to look good together. By which I mean I had to do a fair bit of color correction on different parts of the diffuse textures. After the diffuse maps were finished I generated the normal and spec maps from them with Gimp. In the end, its just practice. I have been working on my texturing skills for a while now.

@Sam M
Well you did enter two cubes… I should hope mine beats it!:slight_smile: Seriously though. Glad you like it and thanks for the compliments.

Glad you like it. And a wire-frame is no problem. Here is a quick wire-frame picture I did of it. It is not perfect but it should serve. And I might as well admit. I had to delete some of the back of the cottage to get the scene below the 500 poly mark. Also the the sky background is mapped to a single poly set behind the foreground elements.

Well done, really inspiring.

Thank you. I really like to hear that.

Even the wire frame is great by itself (Well except for the smoke plane).

nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks. And yeah, the smoke is quick and simple if not impressive, but I was definitely running out of polygons by the time I got to it. It works.


I am really impressed with your entry as well (mine was “Golden Balls”). Obviously, I hope mine wins but I will understand if yours wins and I will be glad for you as I feel yours is more art and what an entry should have been and mine was more technical fancy ( particles, displacement maps, instancing etc). Yours was fantasy and my was striving for realism, but my hat is off to you. Good job!!!

Yep, I agree…

A’nW, could you share some settings used for that nice wireframe render?


That’s really nice. It gives you a sense of both realism and cartoon. Very cool. :wink:

Nice Work :slight_smile:

That’s really cool, you did a great job with the texturing :slight_smile:

Hi there. Thanks for the compliments.

Sure, my method is quite simple, here is the general procedure. First I simplify my scene. By which I mean, I put all objects onto one layer, turn off compositing, no special render layers, etc. When that is done, I delete all the scene lights. I then join all the objects into one and apply a single material. This material is default except for: specularity at zero power, diffuse power at one, and diffuse color set to a fifty percent gray. I then duplicate the object (the one combined from all the scene objects) and make its material single user. I then enable “Wire” material type and set the diffuse color to nearly black on this material. I go into edit mode of the wire material object and scale the faces along their normal (“Alt+s”) by a very small amount, about 0.002 usually. Last I turn on ambient occlusion, set to “Add” at power one (default), and then turn on environment lighting, type “White” at power 0.5. And render.
Hoped that helped and was not to vague.

Perfect! :cool:

i really like this work you did. its def inspiring and to me personally looks almost like a Thomas Kinkade painting!! :slight_smile: