low poly barbarian

this is a low poly barbarian i did for a game me and a few other people are making http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/barbarian2.jpg

C&c welcome Fudge

first could you give a little bit more details about your model (triangles, texturesize), what is your polygon/texture budget?

then have u made some character-design research? it’s always good to have plenty of documentations, also see conan the barbarian if u haven’t
:smiley: your torso should have a V form, and if u are a beginner modeler, don’t bother doing the hands/feet, instead concentrate to the basic shape of the body => when u have a good baseshape, u could go for details
take some references and put them in the front/side viewport and rotoscope it. Take a look (extract and open in blender) at some Q3 models, they a pretty good, also look at the textures.
Actually, an average model with good texture could be awsomne but a good model with bad textures is not good. The best is to take some anatomy and study muscles…and draw them on your textures in grayscale, when it’s good you can color it with layers that’s the best technique used by mappers in games.

in case of your model, the “weak” part is textures and your mesh is a bit too “cubic”…but it’s a nice start. Keep in mind that characters are the hardest stuff to do, it need a lot of training.

skinny barbarian… it has to have some muscles…

thanks for your comments guys tho im really not much of a texture im more of a modeler and i couldnt think how to make mucles low poly, any idea’s? btw some details 800tris without armour 1000ish with all texture resolutions are around 215





uhh, look at other peoples work

I think you should show us a wireframe though

… so whose work should I suggest you look at?
I guess this model of mine is okay: 500 tris: http://home.earthlink.net/~nwinters99/temp/badchar5.png

TorQ is a great modeler, but has only posted a few of his models here, notably the clockwork cowboy

and check out all the muscles you’re missing:

yes i know but since its low poly i cant add muscles becouse it would bump up the poly count

Don’t mind doogs. He’s a modeler so… Hmm, it’s kind of high poly for such a skinny barbarian. Well, I’m not such a great modeler myself, but others have managed to make pretty good looking models that are well under 600 tris. I guess more practice will probably get you there as well.

Yeah, you don’t really need fingers if he’ll be weilding an axe or sword most of the time. Plus the buckes on his boots, you can take that out, it can be textured in. Same thing goes for the belt and his front clothing, all that can be textured in as well.

Jason Lin

ok thanks well im a noob texturer but say for the belt wouldnt i need a ring of faces to be able to texture em?

lol, I look at the model again and the fingers are omfg… lolz0r :smiley:

:frowning: your so mean i just feel like crying booohooo lol im a noob dont expect miricles

The biggest problem is proportion. Search for reference material, the more the better, and work from that.

For inorganic modelling it’s fine to just start pushing verts, but organic modelling really does need reference material unless you have a lot of experience/talent.

Well some usefull info:

  • don’t model things that takes to much faces. Hands can be modeled very easy without showing vingers at all, or just only 3. Just let the texture do the tricks.
  • same with the belt, don’t model it, just texture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, fudge you should take a look at wiseman303’s links page on all the useful tutorials. There’s modeling and texturing in there as well. Hmm, it’s just that I can’t seem to find the link to it right now.

You can log onto #gameblender and find the link on news from zerlinda. If not, I’ll find out tomorrow and paste the link later on.

Now, it’s time to sleep.

Well, I give you an applause for being brave and unafraid to show your work. Hmm, lol speaking of displaying work, I have yet to show mine… Maybe in the future, when the games almost done.

Jason Lin

ok well im really bad at 2d art but i went away and researched a bit and made a texture map and this is the reasult i got im rather pleased with it becouse it is like the first 2d thing iv done on the comp http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/barbariantexturetest.jpg
and if you want here is the texture map i made http://www.antihc3.dyndns.org/fudge/textureFront.png
i still need alot of practice in 2d but if you could give me some pointers as of what im doing good and bad ill try and get better thanks Fudge

Hmm, the barbarian still needs another remodel. Umm, it’s usually not good to use a UV map that way for a character. That UV map was from window, but you should use LSCM to unwrap your character. That way all the surfaces can be covered. From window will cause a stretch on the sides. Plus if you use from window, you won’t be able to texture muscles onto him.

Take a look at wiseman303’s tutorials. http://wiseman303.dyndns.org/b3d/tutlinks.html

Jason Lin

hey golden i had a look through there but couldnt find one that i needed got a link? and i think im going to move on from this barbarian and do a total remake, any ideas on what to make?

btw lscm unwrap just goes very horrible looking i had a look at the lara croft tutorial and they use somthing similer to bounds 1/1 could i use that?

Use this image as a background reference to get your proportions correct first. It’s one of the images I work from when doing human modelling.