Low poly Batou (GITS)

Hey all!

I am new to low-poly modeling and texturing and really need some good advise on how to improve my skills. It has 1408 polys right now and my goal is to stay under the 5000 limit.

My initial goal was Batou in Ghost in the shell but I am far far away from that since I am a lousy face painter. Hence I need all tips and trix texture painting in photoshop, especially skin textures.

My modeling skills also needs somewhat of an improvement. But my general idea is to make the silouette clean and concentrate on face and hands to make it look smoother. I can tell you I have been dependent on subsurf modeling and now I realise that it was really a bad choice and delayed my progress in modeling alot.


Edit: know with the latest render update here.


The feel’s a bit cartoonish, but I gather that’s what you’ve been striving for. The eyes seem a tad too big. Other than that, the proportions appear to be okay. Overall, I like it - but if not for eyes I’d like it even more.

Actually he is supposed to be a cyborg with cyborg-eyes, I found a nice tutorial for face-painting in this forum. http://www.cgchat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25727 I will probably re-texture all skinparts with this technuique.

An update on the face and some other tweaks… I still have alot to do on hands and feets and ofcourse the face texture itself. I found this great photoshop plugin for making normal maps out of textures. http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html

Go blender!


A new render with more detailed work on textures. What do ya think so far? I am goin to add more detail but it takes time since I am not used to it.

Oh, and does anyone happen to have a few trix about how to model low poly ears?


i hadn’t read your first post but first thing i thought of was ghost in the shell character from your last picture (only seen two or so episodes) so I’d say its definitly coming along

Niiiiiiice. But I think his butt/theigh area was a little heavier =p at least in the movie.

I agree, some more body weight could be good. It’s a very simple tweak though. My latest issue is to make a good normal, diffuse and specular map. The texture is a bit to soft at the moment.

More wireframe views and a new render. Any suggestions how to reduce polys? I know there is an overflow of polys on the back of the head, but I don’t know how to reduce it since I used alot of loops. If anyone has a cool solution for my hair I am more than greatfull.


merge those vertices on his back and on the top of his head. How many do you have under his shoes?

4 faces, nothing that can be made less. His legs and arms are very primitive allready and it’s hard to find anything there that could be altered. Unless I remodel the whole character ofcourse.

I made a gun for Batou, not sure if it could be classified as low poly though, 425 faces (850 polys). I just did that after finishing my math for today, so the texture is still a bit off.


Updated version of the desert eagle with some texture fixes and a wire frame. I rigged Batou aswell and made him dodge to his left.


Allright, after getting away from the computer and some C&C from a friend I made the hands bigger and his head smaller. Now he looks more like the heavy weight boxing guy he really is.

I also rigged the pony tail for cool animation effects. I did notice the texture error on the tail to late though :-/

Ok. Some C&C would be appriciated :slight_smile: thanks


haha looks great i like this model - so that’s real time and everything right!?

Realtime? It’s a render of Batou in a rigged position, don’t know what ur question is so I am not sure I answered it.

maybe he was asking if it was a shot within game-engine, but i assume you are just doing render tests with blenders normal renderer =)

This is really coming along, I dont have any crit at this point, looking at each step you are really improving the model, and the texturing works well.

Congrats, look foward to more updates =)

LohnS: I have alot of trouble with the back-slick hair and UV-texturing it. I took a screener of my uv-setup, I need some crit and advise on how to make a better solution.

Ok. I have been learning walk cycles and here is a very short clip of Batou’s walkcycle. It’s not the best of scenes to illustrate it but I hope you can see something until I shoot another one. I also took a render pic during the walk cycle.




Oh yes. I have no clue how to get my stride bone to work or what I am actually supposed to do with it. When I use a stride bone atm my character just stands in a still position hoovering across the path. Do I need to key it somehow and what should I key it against? Should the stride bone be included in the walk cycle? I haven’t seen any good tutorials on stride bones yet, so if someone can share an “easy” explanation it would be awesome!


Erggh… Dunno about that walk cycle. Look how fast his legs snap forward. It’s like… legslowww-FAST-sloowwww-FAST. You need to even it out a bit, there. Walk the way you think he’d walk, and pay attention to how your legs move.