Low poly bow

Hey, havent done any blending for like…a year or something so i went and dl’ed it (did’nt even have it on my new comp :o ) and decided to try out some low poly modeling and practice my texturing, so i made this bow, i’m gonna make arrows and a quiver for it soon, and then probably a character to have it, if i feel comfortable with my modeling/texturing by then. I would love any crits :smiley: .

Oh yea, and it’s 142 polys with a 256 texture map.

The bow:
Close up:
Laying on a plane:

Reminds me of something I might see in a Legend of Zelda type game. I like it… It has personality. Now it needs a hero to go with it!! :smiley:

Great work!

  • i agree. maybe its the 256 colours speaking … but looks very good. Id say depending on whether you want to make it Zelda -ish then keep it the same length, but sometimes a more ‘realistic’ one might be longer, but i dunno. Great work.


If you cut the main wood texture in half so you have half the handle grip and the wood (middle to top) and mirrored it you’ll be able to get better texture resolution by making that section use a larger area of texture space. The handle ‘guards’ (the green wings) are unique enough to hide the fact that you’d mirrored the wood if you did that.

nice nice. it does look very zelda-y, so i automatically like it. its also low poly enough that you’ll be able to animate it and stuff if you like without needing an uber-fast machine.

Alright, i updated it, added 2 faces (its 144 now) still a 256 texture map, I took Kat II’s advice and cut it in half for a higher res bow (don’t know why i didnt think of that in the first place) and it now has a bit of alpha. heres the updated pics…






ahhhh i can feel the zeldaness flow