low-poly car (and possible AO artifacts?)

figured i’d finally register my newbie arse and join in the fun here…
i’m actually wondering about the rectangular discontinuities along the bonnet; they look like reflections of some sort, but at that camera angle, there should be very few reflections on the hood. the artifacts only occur when AO is enabled.

well anyways, here you are:

The artifacts are caused by mesh errors. First, remove doubles. Then go around looking for useless verts. You’ll probably find some. AO causes problems if your mesh isn’t clean. Try also to remove tris.

Nice car model. Really looks good.

As for the artifacts, do exactly what anogarlr said and you should be fine.


hmm… well i double-checked the model for any stray verts or overlapping polies, and there don’t seem to be any odd mesh structures (at least in the main ‘trouble’ spots).

the thing was imported from wings, so i had to split off quite a few parts (50+) - could that have something to do with it (i.e. some kind of precision issue)? the dark spots seem to appear at the sharp edges in the model, but i’ve checked the verts and they all line up.

Could be that. But more likely that it is a seam issue or some bad verts. When you import from another program, you will have to clean some stuff up. Especially when you import to Blender. Some of the import/export scripts don’t to a 100% job.