Low poly cat model


making small casual game experiment (not a company) and need 3d model for it.
If it will go well, we need more models :slight_smile:

  • body, head, tail, legs - are all separate objects
  • no texturing, but UV needed
  • 2-3K triangles for whole model
  • bones for further animation
  • smooth shading with accurate normals

Cat should be cute! :slight_smile:
Here some scheme

  1. Body is not just cylinder or ellipsoid. Cat positions include sitting, staying, sleeping
  2. legs straight
  3. ear segment that has no fur, should be UV mapped to be pink
  4. corner rounded
  5. ear not flat but has some volume
  6. legs
  7. face is flat. eyes, nose will be added later as flat plane with texture
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Hey man, I have done a low poly cat with 2.8k triangles. The meshes are separate and UV unwrapped. I have also rigged it with a basic rig. I have not added any poses. Hope it helps.

catLowPoly.blend (1.1 MB)