Low poly character recreation, with steampunk costume

G’day guys,

I have been using blender for about a year, however this is the first time I am using cycles. I am not the best texture artist, in fact I try and avoid it where ever possible, although I am always trying different things out. The base character model is at 886 polies, I created from a screenshot of my GW2 character, I am trying to keep the count as low as possible while retaining certain definition. Any comments and advice is welcome especially when it comes to rendering, also can anyone recommend the best cloth and metal tutorials out there for cycles?



It’s a nice low-poly mesh. What are you going to use it for?

I doubt they have a tutorial for ever single kind of material. Trial and error?

Sorry about the late reply, thanks for the comment Joe, I am not using the model for anything really. I just wanted to create a Steampunk out fit for my character, I know they had steam items but they weren’t the style I was after, maybe one day if the is a Mod i will trial it as a texture in the game. But for now just some basic posing and such… If i cut it back a bit as well maybe a secondlife skin, no real plans at the moment.