Low-Poly character template

So I’ve made a template which I will develop game characters from.
this is the current work (remember to read my questions below!)

I’m not sure how I shall make the eyes in blender. I’m planning to draw them and use UV-mapping or something in that direction (that’s the thing with empties right?)

Well, if you have a program to recommend, or other tips on how to I should make the eyes, please tell me!

Thank you very much!

hey nice looking model, for UV mapping, add a crease down both sides, press F and select (if your using the latest CV) the smart unwrap, once its unwrapped and you can see the wire in the UV windows, click the export to image or something like that and when you have your wire saved as a .TGA open it with PS (photoshop) or the gimp

might want to bake some colour, AO and nor maps to an imaeg first so you have something to go off, if you want any more infor just post and ill see if i can get an example up for you :slight_smile:

That’s not low-poly for what you get out of it.
Try rotating the arms downwards, to a position they will be in more often. Your topology will likely cause problems there.
Consider extruding one block from the torso sideways, extruding the arm from the downwards face of said block.


If you look at the low right image, that shoulder structure should show you what i’m about.

Oops, now I forgot to read your questions below!

Character #1
Name: Arc Strong
Age: 18


And yes please, more info would be highly appreciated!