Low Poly Character Training DVD - Modeling Question

Working through Jonathan Williamson’s Low Poly Charc DVD series and ran into a modeling problem I can’t resolve. As reference, I’m at 28:54 of video 01_2a - Basemesh Body Modeling. I’ve extruded the neck upwards along the Z axis, filled in the faces at the top and then attempted to add two loop cuts around the circumference of the mesh. Herein lies the problem. Whenever I add in the loop cuts, they don’t go completely around the circumference of the mesh. The loop cuts only occur on the various faces that make up the mesh. Can’t seem to figure out where I went wrong and would appreciate any guidance or input. Thanks!


Disregard. Solved this one after more tinkering. The issue centered around an additional section of vertices along the top of the extruded portion of the mesh. I didn’t delete a set that needed to be deleted and this was causing the problem for me. I knew it was something simple…

If you don’t mind me asking how are you finding the series?

I am currently going through 2010 series and intend to tackle this one afterwards