low poly character WIP

what i dont get because i cant think into 3d yet when i model (try to) a head is the dimensions, i can pretty good model the heah from the side but if i got to combine that model with the front i get stuck. i dont know which ecxate vertic from the side belongs to the one in the front view. did you understand what i mean?
i need a tutorial or someone to explain to my step by step how to model a head!
there are many many tuts out one the net but mostly they leave the step out where i get stuck!

help! :o

hey, thanks for your link, but i have already known it.
i have found a better one, a video tut on modeling a human head:

it is pretty good, i have the shape of the head including the nose already but i stuck at the mouth. i ll try it again.

the pics are here:


wires are here:


quite sad that nobody is interested in my head :frowning:

why ain’t anybody answering me?

Its probably because you haven’t used the search function in the forums. I’ve seen and followed literally dozens of head tutorials. Like I said use the search function in the forum (top right of the screen). Also, you may want to look for body tutorials as well since the head is part of the body.

I seriously suggest taking a look at Torq’s Head modelling tutorial (Search for it on the forums).

I hope this helps, and as far as telling which vertice goes where, Its just going to take some viewport switching and some practice. I can post pictures later if you need me to.

Hope this helps, and remember the search function as well as google are your friends.

thanks for the reply, but i can’t find the Torq’s Head modelling tutorial, becaus i get over 10.000 results or 4000.
help! i nedd the link of the Torq’s Head modelling tutorial,
thanks :o

Torq’s Better Face tut:

More Head modelling tutorials:


It is not specifically for Blender (can be done easily with Wings), but it gives a good idea how to do it.

Good Luck!