low-poly character

I was wondering where to put this, but since I’m not planning to put it in a game or anything, I figured it’d go here.

Just doing this in between other projects (Blending Life, Parliament of Drakes) for practice on my low-poly modelling skills. I’ve found that modelling lowpoly characters is hard to do once you’re used to highpoly modelling. I’m planning to start a gamedesign training next year, so I figured I’d start practicing beforehand.

All C+C greatly appreciated, since I really need to up my skills in this particular field of 3D.

Thanks in advance


EDIT: by the way, 255 Faces so far, which consist of the shoes, pants t-shirt and jacket

The only problem that I can see is the position of the feet. It looks like he might have trouble keeping his balance with them shifted back. Other then that, it looks fine.

Great job with so few polys! I’m still having hard time with lowering these… Yet, watch out if you want to animate the cloth as a real one… You will then have to add loooots of polys!