Low poly chick, first try WIP

(Zion3D) #1

I thought le’ts post something again, has been quite a while since my highpoly female, so here she is, the low poly chick :wink:

I hope you like her,

And reply for once!
I hardly get replies :frowning:

(S_W) #2

looks nice!
I like the cartoon style! :slight_smile:

(rndrdbrian) #3

Nice model Zion3d.

Tell me, how did you manage the cartoon style cel shaded render?


(Zion3D) #4

It’s really simple actually, and it isn’t real cellshading actually(I believe), I just used the blend texture from blender, set it to sphere, use colorband and pushed the Nor button, http://httpd.chello.nl/~e.sangers1/images/shading.jpg, and see the result :slight_smile:

(wavk) #5

Seweeeeeeet! I think the anatomy is quite correct, apart from the upper arms, which look a bit short. Great shading, keep up the good work!!!


(Sprite) #6

She looks very cool, like a real human! Sans head. :wink: But I still dig headless low-poly chicks.