Low Poly Chinese Style Sword

For practise purposes Im currently working on a chinese style sword using basic modeling techniques together with mirror modifier. Later on when the blades finished I`ll texture it in Substance Designer/Painter. The sword will probably end up in Unreal Engine 4 at some point.

Reference I`m using:



As I didn`t plan anything, the basic hilt form took me way longer than expected.

Blade is pretty much finished. Triangles are there because the sword is meant for use in game engines.

Im not a huge fan of how blade is connected to the hilt though. Still trying to figure out if it could be done better without blowing up blades polygon count. Any thoughts?

Just make it a separate mesh.

Does it not need to connect? Originally they were seperate but I was under impression that they need to be connected so I did just that.

They don’t need to connect, no. It’s only important all parts are part of the same object.

Good job btw, very curious to see it textured.

So I just punch it through like this?

Started to work on scabbard too, not too fond of the reference design though. The wing things look too unpractical. I`ll probably look up another design for it.

So I just punch it through like this?

Yeah, like that.This way you’re using up barely any UV space on covered part.