Low poly; concept?

I’m experimenting with the node compositor to create stylised, very low poly isometric art. I’m struggling to find a way to create a dust trail which ‘fits’ so any ideas are welcome. I’m also not 100% happy with the vignette yet either.

The main ‘character’ is the polygon cylinder pondering what to do next - he has a selection of vehicles not shown here; is that obvious?


Nice idea, could see this style working for example for a sort of adventure game, or cartoon-like narrative :slight_smile:
Some thoughts:
-The cylinder needs a bit more detail. For me, at least, the idea that it’s a character didn’t occur before reading the description. It needs at least a head, something that shows where it’s looking. with the same detailing style than the car, I’d say you could go to arms-legs-head with sill keeping the low-poly feel.
-the hill where the pyramid is sticks out from the rest of the flat scene, maybe break it also a bit so the difference is not that striking?
-the dust in this style, I’d go for with bunch of transparent, different sized cubes or squares, that might work.

You might try making the dust solid- either a modeled trail, or a bunch of spheres (notice how in this picture the dust looks like it could almost be made out of clumps of solid objects: http://www.nolimitsrunning.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Stephane-Peterhanzel-Jea-022.jpg )

As for the vignette, it might work better if instead of going to black, it went to a more saturated color (the most obvious choice being a slightly purple-ish blue color to complement the bright yellow-y orange). A little bit of visoal noice to break up the big flat area might help too (just a few little rocks scattered around might be enough)