Low Poly Construction artwork by Jesse

Trying out some techniques.

Full view of construction site

Architect conversing with builder.
(should of given them hard hats)

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

Human model by: PigArt

I like it! :smiley:

yeh - workplace health and safety will get onto you, that’s for sure!
i love it. full of activity and expression.

It looks really sunny and has a unique artistic feel to it. But I don’t really understand the blurring on the top and bottom. DOF would look interesting if added (For the second and third; not the first orthographic one).

I don’t know how the meshes would react to cell fracture but it would be interesting to followthis tutorial using the building in this scene.

Thanks for the feedback guys, The blurring is a Tilt Shift effect, while it can look really good sometimes, it didnt really suit this scene :stuck_out_tongue:
Ah well, experience was had!

If your trying to simulate the tilt shift effect to make it look miniature, remeber the reason for the tilt shift effect (When trying to make something look small) is to simulate a shallow DOF which cannot normally be acheived with real-world photography when photographing such massive scenes. But since this is computer generated you can actually increase the DOF to make it look miniature rather than simulating it with the tilt shift effect. (And, the tilt shift fake DOF effect works well for generally flat scenes shot from a higher angle rather than a scene with a tall building ar with objects at different distances)

Read more about it here.