low poly count? & gun scripts

hi im modeling a good old glock .45 and i was wondering whats low poly for guns? im at 2630 and im working on the begining of the handle. also im gonna use it in game in fact i already am and its at 27 frames with no video card and the pc running 2.23 ghz. i have the bullet and empty shell caseing and camera working great but i want to have decals when i shoot or like a spark if anyone has a script like one that would be awesome! :smiley:

the guns in my games in 3rd person ~300
in 1st ~500

how close will someone see this thing?

if they see it as a pistol on screen… like in doom or whatever I could see it being a thousand triangles [see the decimator in the edit buttons for triangle count]

if it is on a character, 500 is probably still a bit much. Particularly in blender [where armatures are really slow], you’ll want to go for less than 100

its actually 500 vertex’s was accidentally counting the level…
its 2:00 am here…