Low Poly Desert Rock Formation | UPDATED

(UPDATED PHOTO ABOVE! used to be a very pink colored image with bad lighting lol) Based off of the famous one in Utah. I was playing around with procedural textures, but you can’t really tell it has texturing haha

I feel like it needs something more, but Idk what that would be, so let me know in the comments what you think I should add!


I’m not sure it does need something “more”… you can’t really add a lot of subtle detail with low-poly, so instead I’d suggest putting in a better sky background (probably an HDRI). I like your model and I like your composition, the lighting and the color are very washed out and unusual though. Having been to Utah many times, I can personally assure you that this does not look like Utah at all :laughing: Up your saturation- Utah rock is quite literally red- and get a stronger, less pink sky, and then you’l have something more accurate. Again, I already like your comp, it just looks like it got put through 7 different Instagram filters.

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Thank you for your response! I will definitely try out and HDRI and I was experimenting with the color and light, so I will also try messing around with that more to get a better look :smiley:
Haha yeah I know it’s not very similar to the utah one, I was just inspired by it lol
Thank you again for your thoughts on it!

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Eh, sometimes less is more, and you were clearly emphazising the low poly look as stylization, so I think it works.

Foliage, like dry shrubs perhaps?

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That’s what I thought, I did add a tiny bit in the corner, but I might try adding some more foliage. Thanks for the comment!

Here is a quick render I did taking into consideration your thoughts!

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Now THAT is something special! The better contrast shows more detail, and the lighting and color are about 5000% better than your first render.

Thank you so much! I just needed someone to tell me what was wrong for me to find something better haha

I am not sure I am qualified to tell you what to add but like a few others I agree… Changing your HDRI would help or add a 2K resolution sky background. Just brainstorming.

Love the low poly work and camera angle. I am working on low poly work too. Cool to see your take on it. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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