Low poly detail showing in a normal map bake/

I am trying to bake a normal map for the first time using a multi-res high poly sculpt.

each time I bake my normal map, it shows the low poly’s polygons in the normal map and I’m unsure why.

since this is my first time doing this I am following tutorials but none of the tutorials I am following show the same low polygons in the normal map. they just show the high poly detail.

Normal maps are baked by measuring the difference in the normals between your low-poly and your high-poly. So it depends on both, and low-poly detail can show through in the baked image. That’s fine, that’s expected.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have a great normal map, but you can’t necessarily tell by looking at the image. Instead, try it out on a rendered view and look at that area carefully.

i found the reason.

i needed to set face to smooth shading and that sorted it out.

that is what was causing the weird bake.

thank you anyway.