Low poly doggy:)

I made this dog for a friend of mine who has endorphin. I don’t know how that’s going to work, but I guess I’ll see.
What do you think of my low poly doggy?


How low poly is it… it looks pretty rounded… do you have subsurfacing on?

Really low poly :wink: ; well marginally I guess… :frowning:


Hey, I know a great endorphine dealer, but he pretty much keeps to himself.

What program are you using? Is that Blender?

Ahh, you just vertex painted it. Did you do that by hand?

its wings
nice dog btw

Thanks:) I like blender and wings, and I don’t see myself buying any other programs. I want to build up my skills up.

The doggy looks cool, maybe expand the chest area some can"t really tell from that angle but it looks a bit concave unless that’s what you were going for, are we gonna see it animated?

I’ll try animating it. I’ll also try texturemapping it. (might go well with the ninja :slight_smile:

Here’s lowpoly doggy taking a stroll (not yet textured)
–I learned a really cool trick about animating 4 legged animals, so it was worth it.