Low poly dude UDATE!

im working on a skateboarding game…(not the same one thats in the WIPS section…and by wips i mean this part.not games) and all ready have a dude…but i think 2 would be good…the game play is gunna(hopefully) be like EA Skate…

i still need to add a head(which i cant make), hands and feet…and still need to rig…but idk how to rig hands

C&C welcome!!

P.S. this is my 5th attempt at a low poly person


I really wouldn’t worry about rigging the hands up perfectly. A simple setup should do just fine, after all your game will/should focus more on the lower body and that is where you’re game will shine/fail. Work on getting those deformations right and you’ll have a winner I think!!

It would be clearer if you posted a solid wireframe. Also, judging from the missing edges on the legs, you might want to make sure you have “All Edges” turned on in the Mesh Tools More in F9. The side view looks a bit stiff. Are you using a background image to model over? If not, you really should. Draw front and side orthos, then modeling will be 5 times easier and faster.
Look at how many polys are packed into his shins and compare it to how few are on his arms; I’d balance that out.

i am using a reference… and thanks for pointing out the arm to shin thing…so should i just add more loops to the arm? or take away from the shin?..

any one know a good rigging tutorial?? i know the basics…i just dont know how to weight paint them

Ok Here Is An Update

i added more loops to the arms…and thats pretty much it…idk how to make faces…so ill probably work on the feet next

OH how would i make pants and a shirt for him?


I added shoes to him…they are not connected…just moved the shoes up to his ankle and joined the 2meshes together


Looking good! Better than my attempt at a humanoid character. Though yours is in better shape. :wink:

What website did you get that ref image from?

well i followed a tutorial(that link i gave you in your threaD)…and you should be able to get it down good!

yours isnt bad…just needs work =)… i love making low poly dudes so this is like my 10th or 11th attampt

Hey that’s really cool. It’s a lot better than all of my attempts. I would advise that since you need to cloth the dude, maybe start working on a baggy trou and shirt, and then see what the dude looks like. Since you have lots of time (with a limb out of action for a while) texturing wouldn’t be a bad thing to get into. And the face - as with the shoes, you can import it!

particularly for a game, you don’t want more polys than necessary. I’d get rid of the feet altogether and just tack the shoes on to the leg - otherwise render time is used for vertices that will never be seen

PS quick way to weight paint - once you have done your armature and added the armature modifier to the mesh, go into pose mode with the armature, right click on the mesh, and then ctrl+tab will go into weight paint mode. Click on the bone you want to match to the mesh, then use the painting tools to assign weights. You can still pose to check deformations are OK. Make sure that the mesh was made with a mirror modifier (can can add asymmetry to it once weight painting is finished) and the armature too, and as long as all your bones are named with the right ending (R/L for each side after a . or a _ ) e.g. arm_L and arm_R or arm.l and arm.R and you select the mirror setting in weight painting, it will mirror the weights too for you.

I’m not sure whether this will help you, but I was thinking about the low poly dudes of final fantasy 7 … maybe you will be insperated by this: http://fem1.uniag.sk/Miroslav.Jezik/ff7ncopam.html

where did u get ur ref pic that would help me alot

i got it from www.the-blueprints.com

i dont think im going to weight paint the rig…just parent to bone heat…its fast and easy

for the feet…i like your idea…but i dont get what you mean…lol

Kbot…i think ima learn python…texturing seems kinda hard…cuz i SUCK at drawing anything

Don’t worry about it then man. The biggest issue with Blender I find is sometimes you can spread yourself to thin. I like to think that if I concentrate on one area - I’ll get good at it. But then to get good in that area - you find you have withdraw resources from another area, and next thing is that you are doing painting for scanning.
… lol take it easy dude - your mesh is cool!

thanks…yeah i get what you mean.i wanna be a good modeler but at the same time i dont wanna ask people for materials or textures or help with game logic…so i learn thos

thanks for all your comments guys/girls!!!(if any)…im learning how to make a head…(by my self)…Kbot…PM when that guys finishes that face tutorial

No worries dude. I’ll let you know when TM is done.

hi i don’t know if you can nead this:
but i was thinking of final fantasy 7 low poly dudes :wink: they have nice head and maybe you gets some ideas by looking at them … (sorry i can’t post links yet… but google will help you)

thanks for the tip

i made half of a face…i no its a girls face…but i can probably tweak it to make it a males…but it looks kinda like a mans…
idk how to make it round…