Low Poly Egypt

Hi everyone.

This is my next attempt at creating a low poly scene, this time in a stylized Egypt scene.

What do you think?

Full 4K render : https://db.tt/OcbJZ9rM

Thanks, Matt


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great! I like it.

This is nice!

I like it too! Especially the camels. Well done!

Thanks guys! Really glad you like it.!
Especially with the camels as I thought they were a weaker part of the image.

Nah not really, i think he means they compliment the image which does not mean they are the weaker part of the image.

I like your work here too, alot of things done right. Nice overall look!

I really love how warm and almost cartoony it is! You’ve got me inspired to try low poly again. Great render!

Hice style!