Low poly environment/level modeller

Driving a car is 2D
Flying a plane is 2.5D
Playing DEEP Space is true 3D

Ever flown in no gravity, where up is relative?
How about all that inside a cavern or large building?
Now’s your chance to experience combat in full 6DOF in a style similar to the Descent series.

DEEP Space is a project that has been running for the past two years. Mainly myself, but with a few others on the side. The game mechanics are nearly done (scheduled arrival in august this year), and it’s time to start building levels.

Many functional assets (like turrets and enemies) are already made and working. All that they need now is somewhere to fight!
Levels are set in caves or open space, and level goals are anything from collecting keys, blowing up reactors, staying alive for more than a few minutes or anything you like! I am happy to provide some level ideas, but would prefer it if you can work autonomously.


  • Able to model and texture
  • Can plan and build levels that involve three dimensions (vertical movement is a large part of the game.

Additional Notes:

  • This game is multi-texture, so bump, specular and emission textures are not able to be used
  • This is a free-time project, but I would like some level of commitment.
  • I will accept two or three people.

If you are interested, there are a few more links you can follow: