Low-Poly esque Train

Some time ago i decided to try low poly and ended up making it too realistic in some aspects. The theme for the week in Blender52 community was Transport so train was my go to because i thought it would be quite simple (oh boy was i wrong for a beginner). Modeling the scenery was actually kind of fun and as always i solved my grass missing problem with a particle system :p. All textures were made by me except for the roof tiling on the trainstation/hut (https://polyhaven.com/a/grey_roof_tiles_02). As always i had most fun with the lighting and volumetrics (my gpu hates me) and even tried some animation which generaly turned out quite allright. Attaching work progress (kinda) and if possible even the animation. :).

Thanks again for any and all support you grant this post and my profile.



This low poly art genre isn’t so much a thing for me… but nice acceleration but well why not just use a perspective camera and bump up the detail a bit?

If youre talking about the resolution of the video render, i dont have the strongest pc and it was for a weekly challenge on Blender52, so time was of the essence and i also just didnt want to leave my pc running for the entire day or so. Other than that i wanted to use the isometric camera for that low poly look, i can try to put a perspective cam on it and send you the render if you want tho :D.

No no the resoluionis is fine, i know what you are talking about perfomance (i3-3220 with 8GB only interal graphic here)… ahh yes and it was for a competition… The comment about my low poly interest/more detail was more an explanation why i didn’t noticed you post in the first place. … and i think my oppinion about low poly has changed now… i even have some ideas…

:o i made you interested into low poly ? :0

It’s more: The ammount of details you used (simple geo and texture) … Most LowPo just use some simple color materials (and almost real water)… and i found no fun in this. With yours i think more about some Midpoly/Midtexture (and no Retro) and i think i found now fun in this (pun intended).