Low Poly Face Creation

This is a face creation demo I had created a while ago, I figured that I might as well re-post it with the new forum.

I’ve also added in hair changing. Enjoy!


EDIT: sorry, forgot the controls, arrow keys for editing the features, and numpad 4, and 6 to rotate.


wow cool i like it

That’s funny; good work!


I like it. It’s a good example of changing verticies during Runtime. I reckon you should make an export for it. That’d be cool. Just before I download, did you use animations to change the shape?

Goes well with the name :slight_smile:

This is very nice…I would love to see an export feature as well if that’s possible.

Thanks everyone for replying!

Yup, and used properties to set the position, so you could have the face you selected put into your game scene (that’s if you didn’t mind too much bones in the scene, as they’ve been known to drag down the fps).

As for a export feature, I’m sorry, I haven’t the slightest clue on how to do it (well other than learning python, and that is something I have very little experience in, although I am still learning. Once I learn how to, I’d be sure to get it exportable)

Reminds me of the charictor creation in second life, and in Oblivion .

Very cool, thanks for sharing with us :slight_smile: